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GOD cares for


and so do WE


Feeling Alone

Family Issues


Peer Pressure

Youth and Young Adults


Pastor Tanisha Finley

Xtreme Youth Ministry

 Wednesdays 7 PM in the Youth Center


Xtreme Youth Ministry connects teens with other teens while they learn to walk with God in today’s crazy world. You can live a radical life for Christ everywhere: school or work or home. Come join the discussion! The Bible is true. The Bible is relevant. You can apply it to your life today and stand strong with Fair Haven’s Xtreme Youth by your side.

Xcel Young Adult Ministry 

Xcel Young Adult Ministry offers an atmosphere that is electric, relaxed, and enjoyable. Embrace your relationship with God while navigating such challenges as balancing career, school, family and church. It’s time to get together for Fellowship, Food, and Fun!!